You are all Gorgeous!

So i saw a Goose near a lake the other day and he was gorgeous.
It had an eyepatch and was smoking a cigar.

Anyways, things are good!
Got myself involved in a couple of projects and one of em is testing another awesome game that is currently in the alpha stages.
Work is good, and things are moving smooth. Oh the new iPhone was announced and it’s just so boring. I don’t think there is anything else that will “wow” a lot of people, same with any major flagship device releasing this year. Maybe next year? idk.

Oh, i learned how to play Jojo! Olak beat the poop out of me but i’m learning.
My main is Khan and he is goofy AF!
Kahn (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future) GIF Animations

Other than that, i have been playing Burnout Paradise Remastered with spoon and telling Yesi that she needs to make more art.
Oh and Michiru still been mean AF xD.

There is an episode of pancho on the works but like always it might get pushed back a bit cuz why not!
I have slowed down on Blender and Unity because i am taking an online course for blender and imma learn all of it before jumping back to Unity.
Editing avatars is fun but making them is even better!
I did make some meme avatars and here is one of em. I present to you “MeguLand Saga” the manga 🙂

Other than that imma take a min to tell you to be somebody. Don’t try to win people (Strangers) over by throwing money at them just to “impress” them.
Get on your own two feet, create something you can call your own, idk. We all have our strengths so, find yours! That way you will be remembered by your achievements and your own personality instead of just being the person who has no personality, becomes a sponge, repeats what others say just to try and fit in. You don’t have to “try” to fit in, just be the best version of yourself (not all the time obviously, there is no such thing as “Perfection”). Whoever wants to be your friend will be your friend.
Or just say “hi” to people.
Or don’t, lol.

Here is some quotes from one of my favs mangas/anime.

“One man’s dream can hold dominion over the entire world, for one who dedicates his life to the forging of a single sword. While many can pursue their dreams in solitude, other dreams are like great storms blowing hundreds even thousands of dreams apart in their wake. Dreams breathe life into men, and can cage them in suffering. Men live and die by their dreams, but long after they’ve been abandoned, they still smolder deep in men’s hearts. Some see nothing more than life and death. They are dead! For they have no dreams.

They are my able soldiers it’s true, they are dedicated comrades who sacrifice themselves for my dream so that it might be real. But that does not make them friends. In my mind a true friend never relies on another’s dream. The man, who would be my friend, must have his own reason for living, beyond me. And he should put his heart and soul into protecting his dream. He should never hesitate to defend it, even against me. For me to call a man my friend, he must be equal to me in all respects”

In other “news”, i landed a couple of gigs and i might update you guys on it later (prob not lmao).
Oh, yday i had to go to the hospital and the way the do it is you have to call from your car and wait two hours for them to see you.
That was fun : ), when i went to the Pharmacy to get my meds the person who gave me the goods forgot to give me the most important prescription.
So i had to wait until today to go get my goodies. The power of Khan got me, he 2 strong!

Khan (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)
That is it for this entry.
Thanks for reading!

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