MeguPoints (Reward System)

You can earn MeguPoints by doing certain activities on our website.
Here is a list of all the activities and how many points each activity will give you.
These points can be used to purchase items on the store.
You need to be registed in order to use/get these rewards.
To check your points go to your account page.
100 MP = $1

Posts! MP=2

Get 2 MP for each post you read/click.
Limited to one per post.

Daily visit! MP=2

Visit the website to unlock.

Where's link!? MP=5

Click on certain links to unlock. These links are usually inside a post/article and they look something like this, Click here! These could be obvious but sometimes they might be hidden in plain sight.

Comments! MP=5

Leave a comment on any post to unlock this one. Limit per post is 10 comments and limit per day is 20.
Spam comments will deduct 5 points so please don't spam. For more information what is considered spam just use your logic lol.

Daily login! MP=5

Register on our website to unlock this one.

Pages! MP=10

Check any pages to unlock.

Product Review! MP=50

Leave a review on a product you have purchased.

Join our discord! MP=100

Join our discord server to unlock.

Karaoke Night! MP=100

Join any voice chat and sing a song with us!

Join the Fam! MP=100

Register on our website to unlock this one.

Patron! MP=500

Become a patron to unlock.

Anniversary! MP=1000

Unlocks after a year of being registered and it stacks up.

That's all!

Thanks for reading!