This is probably the last entry on my diary that will look like this. I’m currently working on a theme so stay tuned for that.
I have to thanks HolyProgrammer for the suggestion. I’m using CSS and HTML and so far it looks fabulous. Very simple and straight to the point.
It will also give me more freedom and it will take more effort when creating a new post because i will be using html instead of the wordpress editor.
Expect a more “retro” look.

Other than that i’ve been watching the latest season of “The walking dead” and i’ve fallen asleep twice. Can we have Rick again? I feel like Daryl can carry the show but still. Oh, i went to get groceries and they still got no TP!
It’s been a week since the whole “self isolation” started and i’m kinda getting used to it. I spend most of my time NOT using the computer because i’m working from home and i don’t wanna feel burned out.

That’s all for now! Kbyeeeeee