New consoles?

I don’t care lol.
Get the one you like the most and carry on. 

New vrchat world

I’m working on a new map for Vrchat and this one will be more like a megupets hub kinda thing.
It will feature multiple megupets that you can interact with and take gorgeous pics with.
There will be a section promoting upcoming merch and rooms for discord boosters and patrons.
These rooms will be removed/hidden if the booster/patron stops their subscription. This is so people don’t show up and boost to get a permanent room on the world. If you have “Trusted” role on our server you will also get a room.

The plan is also to match the cartoons so expect some of your favorite characters/areas to show up xD.
All assets are made from scratch (including textures), making it actually “my” world instead of a bunch of assets i pulled from the asset store and doing some asset flipping. 
This will make the world unique and fabuloso bbcitos. I’m going for a 2D style inspired by another world i visited during Vanyaru’s Bday Party.
The world is still private and it will be set to public on our little xmas event, more info on this will be available on discord.
We are shooting for December 24 at 7PM EST. It will be Invite only so if you wanna get in just reach out.

Here are some pics of the progress i got so far :X

Vanyaru’s bday party

We celebrated Vanyaru’s bday on vrchat, it was a lot of fun! 
Here are some pics ;D
If you wanna see all the pics just check #vrchat on discord.

Gorgeous Pics

Check this out!

This week’s top tune to listen to is, Cold “Check Please”.

That is it! Thanks for reading! <3