New design

A new year is almost here and with it comes a new version of this website.
This layout is literally the same as the shop from Halo Infinite.
I found it to be really clean and it fits what i wanted to do at this moment.
Here is the halo infinite shop img.

 I made some emblems to match the bg from Halo as well, might get rid of those or do something later with some lore involved.
Here is a preview of how the site will look on Jan 1st 2022.

Originally I had a NFT pets section where the public domain stuff is but decided to scrap that for now.
Later down the line i can just add more columns at the bottom if i need to add more content to the site.

Talking about Halo Infinite, i was able to 100% the campaign in Normal and was able to get LASO as well.

After that there is nothing left for me to do on the campaign and that’s kind of sad.
The story is solid and I can’t wait to see what comes next.
Here are some goofy imgs from the game.


Take a break, look up and enjoy the view.

Tune of the Week

That is it! See ya later.

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