Hello there gorgeous!

Yo, so i have been super busy  but i’m making time to get the store going.
So far everything seems to be working and there are around 20+ pins coming soon.
I was able to find some of the first megupets pins (2018) and those are listed as “Sold out” since those will not go back into production.
Link in case you want to see how the pins look.

Other than that i’ve been working on some animations for work and meme cartoons as well. I made this cute Zombie Shark Boi and it will be available for purchase on the store as well.

I’m very happy with it’s animation and how it looks. Still debating if i will include the source file or not, i don’t want to relive the whole 2018 drama where i put in a couple of megupets with their source file for sale and someone bought it just to re-sell it on another website for more money. And after reading this out loud i think i will just sell the sprite sheet lol. Problem solved!

Most items can be purchased with MeguPoints (for more on this read HERE ) and paying for shipping will be optional. This will give people who can’t afford/want to save their money for something else the ability to get merch and shipping for free! Just don’t abuse it by creating fake accounts and exploiting it because then i will have to change everything.
I’m doing this to make sure everyone can gets their hands on some merch and share the megupets love everywhere!

So if you want to get ahead of the game just create an account and start clicking stuff lol.
Another thing that was brought to my attention is that on the checkout page it asks for a phone number, you don NOT have to fill this up, just paste in any garbage number (555-555-5555 or 555-555-6969, it does not matter lol) unless you want to receive updates via sms about your order like a shipping/tracking number and whatnot.

When it comes to my music, well…i have been thinking about including all my music as well but it’s just too much imo. Most of the albums i made were trash anyways. But i will be making a full release of that Berserk EP that is still shelved lol. I just have to commit to it and get all the materials i need for it. So maybe 2020 is the year i will finally release that one?
Who knows lmao.

On the last couple of months i have met some awesome people!
– Shiru
– Inokazu
– Mushroom Ellany
– Disconnected/Royal
– JuliaPKG
– D1Gi (jk lol i’ve known this dood for a while).

I might talk a bit more about them later or not lol.

Just wanna say thanks to all of em for being awesome!
That’s it!

Founders Pack 2018