Stop Being Such a Jerk!

Dear diary, i will not put all my eggs in one basket. Life is good and there is no reason to let anyone treat you like garbage (no matter the excuse). We are adults and we should stop with the bullying and treating others like basura, even ppl you don’t know. Be kind, who cares if they are a bit broken or seem like they don’t meet your requirements to be “cool”. It’s so stupid to act like this is a popularity contest or something. The hell are you guys doing with your life?
Encourage others to be great and accept them for who they are (unless they hate pizza then don’t talk to me ok? kbye). Offer them a hug or some advice, anything to make their day a little bit better.

Anyways, so it seems like this pandemic is not going anywhere soooo i’m still stucked at home but that’s ok.
I just finished the new season of Baki and oh boi, so good!
Other than that i have nothing else to add because all of it is work related and i can’t talk about it.
Oh wait, there is this gorgeous song that you might enjoy! 
The title of the song is “I met you in the summer”.