The following is a work of fiction, or maybe not…ok most of it is true but yeah.

Dear diary,

i was browsing netflix and found the movie ” silence of the lambs” since i love that movie i decided to watch it again. Its funny how a movie from 1991. Anyways after watching it i saw that n. cage movie was in there as well. I didn’t watch a trailer or nothing ..i was like , “Meh, was the worst that could happen’ ” oh Yisus , that movie… That movie is part of the 11% of movies that are great and nobody cares about. Since the drunk guy performance was so good i decided to check his wiki, it turns out * SPOILER ALERT… kinda * He was found dead at the edge of a lake Watch the movie and you will understand.

What else is going on..
Oh as you might know I’m working on a game called ” Botbuttbox” and I’m going to release version a_1.3 tomorrow. Thanks to chromeade ( i hope i spelled that right ) for the tron inspired sprites, they’re available in a_1.3 ( version a_1.2 will be released for download only since the changes are minor compared to a_1.3)
I have been able to develop the game faster due to the fact that I’m not working for personal reason. So i have time to rest and update the game faster. The only reason why i made the game was because at day 5 of not working i was losing my mind , doing literally nothing besides watching netflix …so yeah.

Kike is a bird.
I asked him if he wanted to go out to another island and he replied with ” oh you gotta convince me” Yeah…nah.. Not only that but a few days later a friend wanted to hang out and he did the same thing , kinda sorta. She asked him if he wanted to hang out and he said “Im not gonna change my sleep habits” as if he is a doctor or something, like literally he has nothing going on.

So he was replaced in the game (botbuttbox) With a soda pop can , cuz at least the soda pop can has a purpose.

Thats all for this week, Go eat a bag of cupcakes!
P.s. pictures this week lol