Just drive!

Dear Diary , I drove a lot and I’m tired.

So it was Thursday, someone arrived at work ( lets call her DARKNESS) i got off at 9pm so i called kike  and told him to meet us at my place. He arrived a few minutes later, he was wearing his mustache and sandals. Darkness told him “Why are you nakey ” , kike replied “I’m wearing sandals yo” so anyways. we went out to Fajardo because there was gonna be a carnival with clowns and cookies celebrating the achievements of tito kayak .
But we arrived 2 late so instead we decided to go to San Juan so kike could buy some bread. Then we went to the beach and we had planned to watch the sunrise but kike was scared of the sunlight so we decided to leave.

It was 6:24am

The sun is up and darkness is crying ,wants to leave because she is sleepy but we refuse to end it there. i needed a steam card and gamestop opens at 9am so i drove to another beach and we watched the birds, dogs and a dude running and throwing punches into the air. kike . got comfy and i snapped this awesome picture, you can enjoy his manhood.

It was 8am and it was raining, i drove to Gamestop and we waited an hour , bought the steam card and drove back to kikes place. i sat down and used his computer. Darkness was there laying on kikes bed and then he joined her, both laying there.. trying to sleep, it was magic.

its 10am and i joined them, all 3 of us are laying on the bed now. Talking nonsense and trying not to fall asleep but eventually we did.

its 2pm , we are all awake.

Time to drive.

its 6pm and i contact victor ” Yo victor you wanna go out to the end of the world? ” he said yes so we picked him up. I’m still driving, we went to the woods and tickled the deku tree. Then went to santa isabel to get some slurpies, oh it was yummy.

Its 9pm , 24 hours and I’m still driving with creeps to nowhere. we arrived at a park , started talking about super pancho and how the story will evolve etc. we hugged a tree… yeah.

its midnight and I’m home, I slept like a baby and thats all.

Go eat a banana.