Ello, Dinosaurs and Continue?

Dear diary, ello is so good, here is why!
– there is nobody there reminds me of the old facebook days, no ads, no games.
– the theme is simple and the engine is very light.
– There is a noise feature !
– Terms of service are perfect , just like cotton candy mmmmmm.

Steam Dinosaurs

What else is going on.. eh.. im thinking about getting a second job, you know for the weekends. Last weekend i got a game on steam called dino day, it was a mess! I recorded some footage and commentary so i might upload that next week since the video is about 40 min long and i have to edit it.


oh! There is new music on the way, and yis ( wth an i) its gonna be chiptune/8bit.So far i have made two tracks titled “Wasting space” and “Harán” i will inlcude previews some time next year or if i get bored i will post the full album by jan 1st , so far the working title is ” Continue?”
Some random pics!

Thats all! go eat some Sharks!- Shuaa!