Pandas are cute, screw you Sanchez!

Dear Diary, screw Sanchez.
Who is Sanchez? Kikes new girlfriend, she is a witch named Daya Sanchez.
Kike said ” i love her cuz she is a weirdo and walks like a pony”.

I once had a pony, it bled to death cuz i tried to play operation with it. I am Gregory H.

Hosting was paid by a supernova.

New pins will be available on ebay and here.
Here the price will be cheaper.
So far there are only 2 sets left.
Next set on the works.
– but why did u make so low qty of pins?
I had no idea how many ppl would actually buy, its mostly pins about pancho so i was a little worried that the pins wouldn’t sell.
Since they did sell fast , next set qty will be 10 instead of 5. Depending on how well it sells the next set will be 15 or 20.
Its up to you guys.

There will be no reproduction of pins, once they sell out its over.
– why?
Its fun to collect limited things.

Podcast is gettin serious?
I recently got a mixer, mic and headphones. So it will have a better quality.

This week there will be a spanish podcast with special guest Christan “Nexuz” , local artist from Guayama , Puerto Rico
And another one with Anna , ebichu fan #3 and fiction writer from Canada.

I need to poop but i’m sleepy.
Nelson is dead.
My mustache is gone.
Emi is back, she goes with another surname on tue LINE app.

I watched shingeki ova…epic.

El señor nalgas is growing fast. He might me renamed to señor kardashian since he is getting thick.

I have been talking to someone lately an its really fun, her name is hajime, last name IPPO . PSYCHED!

So lately i have been getting a few hate mails.

I’m not a social person, i’m not here to make friends or to be your buddy.
So don’t go berserk when i show no interest on ur hate mail.

This doesn’t mean i haven’t met people who have become good friends ( limea and anna just to name a few).

Just be yourself i will be myself and end of the story. I don’t have to suck up to people or try to be nice just so they like me or my site etc.

I’m honest, i’m not a corporation, no need to hide behind silly advertisement or products just so i can make a profit or gain likes, subscribers etc.

That would make me feel empty.
Instead i tell u to eat poop and keep reading!

– Shuaa