2023 is gone?

Dear diary, how did we get here?

So 2023 is just a blur tbh and 2024 looks about the same. As far as projects go, the Josie game was completed and pushed to itch.io in January.
Just like previous projects it will be removed after 30 days. If you have the beta releases make sure to archive those somewhere xD.
Thanks to everyone who helped test the game. It was fun! There are some neat easter eggs 😉 so far only 1 has been found.

The “Megupets: Buri and friends” game is on hold at the moment but its fully playable. You can decorate the room and whatnot.
This will be the first game to be released on Steam. The plan is to have at least 3 pets at launch. 50 items, 25 rooms and some other bs.
Idk yet. I’m using the proto on the react videos.

Speaking of those, the plan is to record at least 100 episodes in 2 weeks.
So far there’s only two episodes (recorded and edited). The first one is for the second video from los chacalitos and then a random guy who took “This is america” and turned it into “This is Puerto Rico”. So much cringe.

M17 has about 3 episodes on the pipeline, soplando cassets has one and pancho has about 4.

Ippo project starts Monday February 12, 2024.
First month will be used as a baseline.

Tools for “That thing” will no longer get support. If you want to keep using them then don’t update “that thing”.
Block it from connecting to the internet 😉

Palworld trainer table was dropped and made public. Do whatever you want with it.
You could also check Csjete’s tables as it’s more likely that Csjete will keep those up to date.
There should not be a full trainer with my name attatched to it as I did NOT <- Build any executables for it.
Remember to grab official trainers from my discord, if you grab it from somewhere else, who knows what you’re getting.

In other “news”, today (February 1) I was forced to re-write all posts/pets/assets/etc because I had no idea there was a plug-in making the site run like shit.
When I went to check with the developer I got a very generic/corpo answer so I decided to stay away from the plug-in.
Things should be super smooth now.

The store is up and running and new merch will be dropping soon.
I’ve been thinking about doing some sort of box related item. It’ll have a pin and a sticker. Maybe like a bundle for a limited time or something.
Like every new drop there will be a freebie, that can be claimed on discord. Patreons will recieve a new item as well.

Insta is no longer private.
I will be posting shorts there and announcements for the free drops so make sure to check that out. @megupets

Oh, so I got a tamagotchi but it keeps dying.

No worries I can always summon a new one so idk. I don’t get the urgency of keeping it “alive”.
If I forget well, oooooops! The pepe keycap broke last week because apparently I tapped the key 2 hard or something.
Smol pepe keycap still holding strong tho.

I’ve been dropping some meme music on patreon for free and plan on going back to making public domain assets at some point as well as releasing new megupets. I can’t remember the last time I released any.

As some of you know there’s a P.O. Box available. If you want to send anything hit me up or grab it from discord under #verified channel.
I think that’s it. I got nothing else to talk about right now.
I need to get a new NAS but that’s a story for another day.

Season two of the Halo TV show is back, I like it.
However, there was a scene where they are hinting about Kai betraying Master Chief and if that happens I’m out.

Y ahora para los latinos.
Me voy a barrer, me voy a mapear y tu pues…CAGATE EN TU MADRE.

Tune of the Week

That is it! See ya later.