More news?

Dear diary, It usually takes me four months to write a new entry but here I am.

So, I’m starting to put all the pieces together for the “Late Night” project.
It will feature the following (most likely).
1- “Monologue”, I will attempt to make some cringe Jokes, kinda like what Norm Mcdonald use to do).
2- “Sponsor”, I will create fake “Commercials”, each one will last about 30 seconds.
3- “Sketches”, Some will feature random people, others will be things like interviewing people on the streets, book reviews, early soplando casetes previews, etc.
4 – Asset reveal! Such as New Megupets and probably new Public domain assets.

Here are some images.
Also working on a new template for “guests” so It’s easy to switch on the spot.

Tune of the Week

That is it! See ya later.