Emergency Room

I woke up today at 9:00 am because i couldn’t breathe properly. I rushed to the emergency room at Arroyo ( 10 min drive from home) . I get there and since it was my first time on that hospital i gotta wait till they make a profile etc. 15 minutes later they called me to check my vitals and ask whats wrong.

So i go in, and the nurse is sucking a lollipop and he asks me, i explained the situation and he keeps sucking the lollipop and typing. Then he says “straighten your arm” he grabs the pressure machine thingie and put it on my arm, he pumps it up and the machine goes ” beeep beeep beeep ….. BeepBeep… Beeeeeeeeeep beeeeeeep beep” it sounded like dubstep, the nurse looked at it like “wtf?!” . He checked if he did everything right and there was no problem.

So i go back to wait on the waiting room. 9 minutes later the doc calls me.
Without asking anything he just go and stick things on my ears, nose and then he goes “say aaaaaaaaahhhh”. Im like “aaahhhh”, he goes ; aha!! There it is!!! And in like “wa?”. He says “lets go, imma write u a prescription”.

So i’m waiting , and a female nurse goes “good afternoon” , i replied ” 🙂 “.

Then she is standing on a room looking at me and im like ugh? She calls me up… It was a trap!

She had a syringe! She closed the door and started prep the syringe, and that was awkward, i’m like…. Eh…. … Ermm.

No but srsly , then i go out and the doc hands me the list of meds. Then said “u gotta go to ur main doc, ur pressure its all messed up.

Then gotta wait hours for the meds, lazy pharmacists.

Now im home, feeling weird.

Subtitles , i hate you.

I have included subtitles to my latest animations, however i recorded a 10 min video (non animation) and its a pain in the butt!!!!

This made me realize if in the future i make more animations i will probably continue to make them short (0:30 to 2:00)

It all depends on the dialog. Since its gotta be made frame by frame and it takes a lot of time.

Its been an hour and adobe premiere froze and i lost all the subtitle, edits and fx on the video. I need my desktop ASAP.

Anyways thats about it.

Oh look! Summer cash and el señor nalgas.

– Shuaa