The final season of Breaking Bad!

Yo! Diary of shuaa is back! Last time it was from 1 to 15, but since the old diary is gone i will start again from square one. Here we go! whats up ,shuaa? * final season of breaking bad * Well finally! The second half of the last season airs this Sunday! Cant wait! OMG!!!!!! Mmmmmmmm.
I think the series will go out with a bang! Imo Walter must die and jesse should move to another country.  They got rid of one of my fav characters “Mike” so as long as they don’t kill my other fav character “Saul” then i will be happy . So yeah, looking foward to it. * animations/art,* Still working on it. Since its only me it will take a while. I found someone that can draw art but on paper and not digital so i gotta scan them and try to paint em etc. If you know someone that knows animation or digital art let me know. Hit me via msg or txt (look on contact page). * new music * Finished “Meri ” “EP”, 3 songs will be available soon. Go listen to one of the songs at meri * store * New store almost done, most of the items that can be purchased are to be used on megusocial.

There are also pin buttons , stickers and more. ( here is a bunch of thoughts on my head, most of it is just random stuff or nonsense ) I saw the earth , it was flat. There is a boat on the other side. My eyes are brown like poo. By the way , who are you? I wanna eat shrimp Mmmmmmmmmm So, anyways. I will try to make more emoticons for social, megu related. Like always, i got no time so, it will take a while.
The megupedia is almost complete. Gotta choose a software to run the wiki. This will be controlled by a few ppl. Also i you think my post are nice and sweet then think again, they aren’t. My English isn’t that bad but since i want this to be at least presentable, Mikaela is helping me out. She is in charge of “diary of shuaa” as editor and other typos i make . If you play kawaii pet megu go visit her 😉 Her account is User : Pet: I also wanna thank everybody that is still here with me.
Thanks to Anna93 CZ (charlene) Fariba Germy Limea Mikaela Stoyboy Tany <3