New episodes will be released weekly!

After sitting on a bunch of unfinished cartoons and losing interest on doing any new episodes, i have decided to finish a couple of episodes and make new ones!
Just like before, these episodes will be streamed live so you guys can see how i make everything and gives you a chance to pitch any ideas that might make it to the final cut! Still debating if i should keep using the same intro and end sequence for the new episodes or if i should make another one.
Music will still be provided by Evan King (check his stuff over nyaa

Some videos where moved from the old SuperPancho channel into megupets.
If you have no idea what these cartoons are gonna look like then just look at this basura over here.

VrChat Moments of the week

Still playing this game (not as much as i used to mostly because of work and Half Life Alyx. But here are some imgs : )
If you want to submit your own pictures feel free to share then on #vrchat on our discord channel and i might grab a couple of those imgs and post them here!

Issues with discord

For some reason some people are getting kicked out of the server and this might be a bug or something.
If you join and get kicked out plz dm me and i will create a new invite!
Discord username Megupets#0420

Here is link!

Check this out!

This week’s top tune to listen to is from Shannon Saunders.
I found this song on an avatar (VrChat) and it is so good.
Check it out!