Remember us?

I used to play on a band called “SOMETHING”

It’s been almost 3 year since we last played live here on Puerto Rico.

Band Members:
– Alex (Bass)
– Jalfred (Drums)
– Naty (vocals)
– Me ( Guitar)

The Singer left the band out of the blue , we had a perfect set , people liked us at the scene but for “personal reasons” She left.

After leaving she told us not to dare steal her lyrics and i laughed so hard, yeah because we are gonna steal lyrics. So that was a funny since we were all friends for a long time but whatever.No hard feelings seriously.

We auditioned a few people for the next 3 months or so but it didn’t work out.
They either sing horribly , had no idea how to write a song or didn’t have the X factor LOL.
A few months after that Alex left to Greenland so he could “make tons of money and comeback, buy new bass equipment etc” but the truth is , he did manage to make the money but instead he dind’t come back. He fell in love with a rebel and forgot about his plan. The years passed and i kept asking him “When are you going to come back?” he replied “idk”. He is still living there so yeah. That was 3 years ago.

Jalfred and i decided to get start over since we have lots of song and we want to go out and play.

So today we are gonna audition a new singer. Hopefully this will works out.

Wish us luck!
– Shuaa