Unlock everything!

This is Mermet KPM 4


– No account Ban.
– No need to jailbreak.
– PotionMe, Unlimited potions
– OpenCloset, Unlock rare items on store( cost 10 pink potions, Special foods cost 100 coins!), includes old rare items.

– EggHunt, unlock all eggs after one walk.

Things you will need!
– computer/laptop
– ios/android device
– usb cable
– linux mint or ubuntu. (IOS ONLY)

Instructions; Android
– Download “Mermet Android KPM.rar”
– extract to SD card ( your device )
– open your app, leave app running on background.
– go to file explorer
– install MERMET ANDROID KPM.apk

Transfer the mermet android files of your SD card into root folder “Feynman”.
– overwrite files? Yes.
– You have up to 30 minutes to get in and get out so READ CAREFULLY
– go back to the app, visit a friend and quickly go back home without petting his pet or gifting! IF YOU DO IT WILL NOT WORK!
– once home your potions will remain the same, however if you buy something your potions will remain the same.
– go to store you will notice something odd. At the end of the list all rares will appear.
– You can purchase them for 10 potions.
– once you get all u want is time to reset.
– Go visit a friend, leave app running.
– Go to file explorer and delete the mermet android files or replace them with the back up files.
– go back to app, DO NOT PET OR GIFT!
Head back home and BOOM!
Now u got all the new rares itmes.

Instructions; IOS
– Download “Mermet Android KPM.rar”
– conect ipod to pc

OPTION #1 ( Works on windows 7/8)

– open MERMET IOS KPM.rar, extract files, run MERMET IOS KPM.bat

-ipod will flash screen twice
– kpm app will open and load

– you will see in the news ” MERMET YOU FEYNMAN”.

you are done. enjoy free rares.


– unix/linux

– install “mermet.deb”

– open a shell/terminal

– run command : shuaa 3 unlock mermet -0 a ios

– open another shell/terminal

– run command : shuaa 4 mask udid 9

– ipod screen will blink twice, app will start, unlimited forever ( only using linux method )

i will not give any kind of support , my advice is to use real money and get the goodies on the app to support it. Good luck and enjoy.