Today is Saturday 31 de agosto 2013.
It’s a hawt day , it feels like 103 (°F) .
So its time to cool off! Here i will show you how to make Piraguas a lo Shuaa.
Poisong cooking style? maybe … have in mind that this was improvised. I will guide u to the process of this akward piragua making thingie.

Here we go! This is what you need!

– Ziploc Bag

– Pilon or something to hit the ice with.

– Any flavored syrup

– plastic cups (straws are optional)

– Ice

Now the story on how we made this.
i was here at the lappy minding my own business when i heard a “BANG”……..”BANG”.
i Go and check what the noise was, and there it was, Gebe hiting the wall with a ziploc bag (full of ice) .
And im like >_> … yo what the heck? Are you trying to make piragua? She replied yes.
So i like a caveman grab the zilpoc bag and boom hit the wall with it… cuz i got no brains.
Then the eureka moment.. why dont we use the blender? So i poured the ice on the blender, the blender dont seem to work.. i try adjusting it a little bit but nothing worked. So gebe grabed it and boom she spilled the ice all over the place (See pictures, you will notice there is ice everywhere).

Then i tried again using the blender and boom , Sparks came out of the bottom of the blender O_O.
So the blender was no longer an option. Then i saw the Pilon and im like … mmmm caveman style, lets hit the ice with the pilon and it worked.

Hit that ice with the pilon!

yes please.


dont fight boys , theres piragua for everybody ;D

– Shuaa!