Action Figures?

So i was bored online, decided to take a look at street fighter action figures.
Btw i get it, collecting and not opening the item..but i wanna play 🙂 mermet that!
I’m gonna be like PEW PEW PEW ! hahahhahah.
Found a cheap akuma figure so i bought it. When the item arrived i was like YAY! Akumaaaa mmmmmmmmm.

So a few days passes by, i got bored again and boom , found a cheap Dan figure, i couldnt resist myself mmmmmm Dan mmmm akumas gonna have a friend! I bought it, here it is.
Looking hawt.

So the story repeats itself loke 3 more times hahahhah.
I bought a few more so i guess imma collect a few,

Akuma is scared of bugs!
Otoño is like mmmmmmmm …creep.

I’m still waiting for chun-li and ryu to arrive 🙂
Thats it for today.
– Shuaa!
oh look! a butterfly!