Xoco got some moves

This is the result of me being triggered (in a good way). I published Xoco over at opengameart.org and an user that goes by “Isaiah658” said;

“Realistically, it’s not very practical to be used in a game as it lacks animations, but the art style has such a fun cute vibe. I could see a lot of the art you post being used in merchandise. Like as an eraser, on a folder, notebooks, etc. If openclipart.org still existed, your art would have probably received more attention on there as well.

Overall looks great!”

Reading this triggered  me to go the “extra” mile and do a couple frames of animation. I still use Adobe Animate for everything so it took me like 5 min to do this. Hope you guys enjoy it! Xoco animations are idle, blink, walk and wave. The last gif is just a combination of all animations. Thanks to isaiah658  for the words of “encouragement”. Huehue!
Check his/her art over nyaaa!

Download sprite sheet

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