Diary of Shuaa #81 – Vacation and Sr Nalgas!

What you are about to read is 0% Fiction

Dear diary, 25 days till VACATION TIME!


Change of plans, i’m going to PR and Florida.
First Florida, gonna be there to meet some cookie monsters and slap some butts.
Will be short but i will enjoy every last second of it.
I decided not to publish anything online while im gone so snapchat will be off at least for the few first days im there.
If everything goes according to plan i will spend a day with the following people.
– Lowkey14
– Lucky #7
– Smell my colors
– Coquito coqui
– Richard8
– John STD
– Jalfred
– Joel el pato
– Angelica
– Genny
– Xylina
– Jackie
– Stef
– Tifa
– Liquid

So lets see how it goes! WOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooop!

Sr Nalgas

It’s been forever since i’ve seen my baby.
The wait is almost over!
Gonna get to hang out with my baby and we got it all planed out.
Gonna take him to the beach with gebe and also do a roadtrip with le baby.
This is gonna be so much fun that i plan to die after it.

That’s it for now!
– creek ah moe ha duh

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