Diary of Shuaa #80 – Closet unboxing, Taxes and cookies!

What you are about to read is 0% Fiction

Dear diary, Yesterday we went out to a karaoke place, we shaked our butts!

Closet unboxing

So, i will start doing “unboxings” in le closet. First item will be a link figure thingie that i purchased back in december.
The videos will be uploaded to my “secret” channel. The channel ain’t so secret now cuz i gave the link to a few people ūüėÄ .
I’m planing to share the channel when im like at day 60 or something l ike that.
So far im at day 35 so yeah!


I filled up my taxes about 2 weeks ago, just forgot to talk about it.
So i’m expecting a return of like $1,000.
This money will be used to pay up rent in advance and probably for my next trip!


I forgot why i put “cookies” in the title of this article so i will just say that i bought some cookies? Idk…
I gave em to a friend of mine.
That is all.

That’s it for now!
– creek ah moe ha duh

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