Diary of Shuaa #79 – Daily Vlog, JLO and Subnautica

What you are about to read is 0% Fiction

Dear diary, this shit is easy. Said nobody.

Daily vlog

So i have a youtube channel (secret channel) and i’m recording myself everyday talking about whatever and also keeping up with my weight.
So far i’m at day 28 of the “diet” so that means i have 28 videos. So far i think it helps a lot to keep myself motivated. I have no reason to stop at any time.
What i do is erm, i wake up, pee and then weight myself. I use the video of how much i weight usually at the end of the videos.
Also the first 23-ish videos is just 30 seconds clips, last 2 are 10 min each so im trying to talk more or whatever.

Every video that i’m talkin about whatever was shot a day earlier but the weight video is from that day.
I do it like that cuz it’s easier to have a few videos pre-recorded just in case i forget to record anything.

I chose not to share my channel because of obvious reasons.
I’m all over the place and it’s more like a “diary” of me losing weight.
Desktop still dead and i have no plans to build one any time soon.
MSI laptop is more than what i need anyways since i’m not doing much.


So i bought a game cuz it looked interesting, the game is caleld Subnautica.
It’s a survival game but in the ocean, it’s gorgeous.
Here is a trailer.

I love it because it’s so relaxing but at the same time it’s so full of life. I found an Alien spaceship/base and i was like OHHHHHHH SHIT!
I need to play it more, i have not played in a few days because i got scared…. i started swiming to the east for like 6 minutes and i hear a sound (loud and creepy) and when i look back it was a huge monster and it fucking ate me! I was like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT RIP DEAD!.

So yeah!

Hanging out with JLO

So as some of you know i’m going to Florida in about 27 days, well we are making plans on discord to go hang out with JLO!
Since Nina and i wanted to do something or go to Puerto Rico but JLO can’t go because of her job.
We decided to go see her for a couple of days.
It will probably be during summer or xmas. That will give us plenty of time to iron out the details.
I have not seen JLO in a couple of years and so this will be fun.

That’s it for now!
– creek ah moe ha duh

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