Diary of Shuaa #78 – How dieting has affected me.

What you are about to read is 0% Fiction

Dear diary, are you an apple?

So, its been about 11 days since i started to eat better and i noticed something.
My room is 100% clean and neat.
It’s not like before it was gross or a mess but i used to get home from work and throw my hoodie, beanie and keys to the ground.
I bought a coat hanger thingie and some hangers. My closet looks neat as well.
I didn’t noticed how much clothes i got even tho i’m a cartoon character and almost always wear the same thing.
I moved my bed a little and now there is a lot of “dead” space in my room.
Looks empty and big, i like it.

I used to many “I”s when i start writing, makes me come up as a cunt but then again idk how to write english that well so yeah.
Can’t wait for March 3! OMG!
Other than that, i ate fish the other day, using the air fryer thingie.
It tasted like nothing, it was weird.

I ate 300 oz of it cuz someone told me not to eat more than that.
Also i decided to finish watching Dragon ball Z, i stopped after Cell was defeated cuz i saw a picture of majin boo and i was like, “this dude don’t even look that evil” and skipped it.

I’m up to date watching super tho, so watching the boo saga is good while i wait for new episodes of super.
Best thing is that i found a spanish dub and they are using the same actors as back then so. Nostalgia bullshit right there, you know.
Somehow i like gohan as the great saiyaman. I like him better than the gohan we got now (green jumpsuit gohan).
Idk, the comedy feels good and gotenks…oh lord dont even get me started, that is a 10/10.

Right now im at the episode where the guys found babidi’s hiding place and there was this guy who is a prince from hell or something like that idk.
Thing is, i like it so far.

Mario odyssey

Started playing Mario odyssey on the switch and i gotta say, its pretty good.
It’s like Mario 64 on steroids. I beat the game and then you get to the mushroom kingdom.
There you can buy the oldschool costume so you can look like the mario from Mario 64.
Also i found yoshi on top of the castle, just like the N64 version but instead of doing nothing, this time you can play as yoshi! Woooo!
There are like 600+ moons to collect and i only got like 149 so yeah!

I feel better now

So another thing i noticed is that i can sleep better and when i wake up i’m ready to get up and do whatever.
Also i’ve been slacking on the animation department and everything else for a good reason this time.
The reason being that i don’t want to. I literally don’t want to make more animations right now.
There is like 14 episodes of pancho complete (animation) with no audio. I might go back and work on that over the summer.
Idk if i wrote about this before but im moving in june so.
Overall i feel better now.

That’s it for now!
– Mamabishh

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