Diary of Shuaa #77 – Birthday, License and MSI

What you are about to read is 0% Fiction

Dear diary, i don’t know why i’m still impressed by the way you dress yourself.

Anyways, So this month was my bday.
Had a lot of fun, took a nap and did absolutely nothing.
This month has been weird but i will try to explain myself.

So there is this lowkey person who i’ve been talking for a while and we had a plan.
This person was gonna move in with me in a few months.
Everything was ok. I decided to buy a plane ticket to go visit this person as a suprise before this person got here.
A few days later, this person texted me “Yeah i think i’m gonna distance myself from you, we should stop this and don’t even try anything other than being friends”.
My reply was “eh?”, “ok cool, just make sure you don’t regret it later or something”.
So there i was, with a ticket to California and no destination.
I called the airline and they gave me credit so i did not lose anything.
Instead i bought a ticket to go to Miami on march 3.
This is gonna be I N S A N E.

I will be coming back to SC March 8 so yeah!

Daily Vlog and losing weight.

So we all know im a fat fuck.
Well i decided to lose weight (not the first time) but this time i’m kinda forcing myself to keep doing it, this is how.
I have a daily vlog where i will weight myself and keep track of my weight.
It’s a new channel (Youtube) and all videos are private rn.
I’m at 420 pounds right now, was 434 last week.
I bought a scale for food and an air fryer, got some apples and N U T S.
One of the main things i;m doing is avoiding eating outside.
No soda, just water.
Gym twice a week.
Cocaine only on the weekends.
But yeah, Let’s see how it goes.

Desktop died on xmas

So there i was, xmas eve.
Just woke up, went online to check my emails and boom.
Desktop died on me.
I took the computer to a place where they fix shit like that and they told me that the mother board and the processor are fried.
I’m like, eh… ok thanks!
So if i wanted to fix it, it will be like 500 dollars.
Instead i figured i will build one from scratch.
I sold my macbook pro to get some cash to build the desktop.
But then i noticed something.
I got this MSI in the closet, it’s been there for ages.
So now im using this laptop.
Since it can do basically everything i was able to do on the desktop, i decided not to build one (for now).
More on that on the next topic.

I got my license

So after 69 years i finally got my drivers license and here is why im also not building that desktop.
I need to save at least 2k to put down on a car so i can get a nice and sweet ride.
So that’s the plan for now.
Save as much as i can and get a car, travel to a few states and visit some (discord) friends.

That’s it for now!
– Mamabishh

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