What you are about to read is 69% Fiction

Dear diary, last night i ate some juicy quenepas and when i woke up i was surrounded by chupacabras. I showed them my awesome vinyl (records) Collection and then we dance to Dance gavin dance. It was a gorgeous day.


Anyways, Super pancho turns “11” today, i mean not really today but shut up.
I never talked about how it started and where did it come from so i might as well do that now.
So, i used to play in a band called “with element” back in 2006.
The band consisted of like 5-7 people, depending on the line-up.
Aledra la culona (vocals)
Rosko (Vocals)
Kiko melaza (Drums)
Victor mapache (Guitar)
Juan(Bass Guitar)
Piano man (Piano)
Me (Guitar)

So we use to rehearse at roskos place and one day on our free time we decided to create a random animation.
Since i’ve made random and crappy animations before, rosko already had flash on his computer.
Back then i think it was flash MX or 8.
So we are sitting there doing this crappy animation of a guy jumping off a roof.
I kept the files so you can see it over here how it looks.

As you can see it was just a stick figure with no eyes or anything like that.
So Rosko said “lets record some audio” and then he just recorded himself saying “HAHAHA SOY PANCHO EL PODEROSO”
After that i dont remember if it was him or me who drew his face and the cape, it was probably a mutual collab or maybe it was kiko melaza? I don’t remember.

So after that i decided to create more “episodes”with the same idea, have him jump out of the roof and die in one way or another. This was kinda inspired on how south park always killed kenny. There were two episodes or maybe one that was made by “Gatita”. That one features starving marving from south park.

I remember making the episode where *Spoiler alert* Akuma goes to super pancho’s house.
I had to turn on my dreamcast, launch the game “Street fighter 3rd strike”  and hold my super cheap mic into the TV while i performed Akuma’s super move. This was the only way i could get the SFX i needed. Back then i could not find sound effects like now, with just a quick google search.


Gatita created the flame characte, it can be seen in one or two episodes of the series.
During 2007 only  four episodes of the series were created.


I decided to make a full episode with a “story”, that was the episode that introduced the character “agua viva”.
It was the only episode released in 2008.


During 2009 i forgot about super pancho, nothing was released for a couple of years.
I did create a few animations like “fu master dojo” (the ninja) and other random projects.


I used to work in a place where i can use my laptop if i was not busy so i did what everyone else will do.
Make more episodes of pancho. Some episodes if not all of em feature someone i knew IRL.
Some of the new characters are; Apolo, Josean , Dorca, Juan and Silvia.
I remember making more like in 2014, those had more characters and random stuff going on.


i decided to make the series Public Domain, so in January of 2016 i released one episode with the source files.
A new episode was released in 2016 (Pancho goes to the white house).


Started working on new episodes, this time there is gonna be around 24 episodes.
Most episodes are being “produced” and “writen” with the help of some buddies.
Boipucci, Nina and Aquellanerd have shared some ideas and helped with the direction of some episodes via Discord. 

Release date on the new episodes should be late 2017 or early 2018.
This time around there will be a scheduled, the episodes will be released weekly.
If you wish to join the conversation and pitch ideas for new episodes or you just wanna see everything before it’s released, feel free to swing by our discord server! Here is the link to the WIP channel https://discord.gg/33RdHDX

That’s all for now!
I will be publishing a section only for pancho, you will be able to see all the characters, download assets, download source files that you can edit and remix to make your own, all episodes and other goodies
Thanks for reading.

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