Merch and Coupons

Dear diary, i ate some biscuits and tbh…my knee exploted!
(Megupet featured on the thumbnail will be released next week.)

Mmmm anyways!
I’ve been working on some merch for the last couple of weeks.So far i have two posters, one sticker and some postcards.
These will go out for sale sometime in late April or May. I’m still figuring out the best way to set up the shop for items that will be delivered.
The reason i have a store hosted by myself it’s because i’ve never liked using other parties to host my content/items.Trying to cut the “middle man” if that makes any sense. I believe is more personal that way.Plus is always fun to learn new stuff.
Gotta thanks chikkie for helping me out with setting up some merch and showing me the way of the cheep!

There will be some coupons as well and pricing is something i have to think really hard about when it comes to physical items.
Coupons will feature discounts from 20% up to 80% on digital media and 20% to 50% on physical items (this might change but that is the idea i have so far).Patreons will get a one time coupon code that will take off 100% of the price, this will apply to digital and physical items.
Those coupons will not have an expiration date so patreons can hold to it for as long as they like.Once you see something you want then BOOM!
Use the coupon and get it for free.

Chiptunes/Music update

It’s been forever since i have released any new songs but this is because i’ve been focused on creating art instead.
That “berserk” chiptune project is still floating somewhere on my hard drive. I might release it by the end of the year or during summer!
All the artwork for the album will be made from scratch cuz those pixel covers for the songs were more like a placeholder. Some of em i really like so i might keep some but yeah.
Also found a bunch of albums/songs that i never uploaded anywhere, those might end up in the store for free, just like all the other albums i’ve released so far.Anyway if you have not checked any of my tunes then go ahead and click on that play button! Or not, that’s fine 2!


Special thanks to le patreons!

♥ Chikkie ♥
♥ Jill Vocado♥
♥ Chris Sakkas♥