Where are megupets number 01 tru 05?

Dear diary, where are the first five megupets?

So i was looking at all the pets i’ve released and i noticed that…it starts at #6…
Then i realized i have never released the first 5 megupets!
So expect those to be released soon-ish.
Here are the missing pets, i never gave em any names so i gotta figure that out.
Plus the style was diferent from what i do now but i think they look cute af.
Also there are some extra pets that would never be released because i did not like the designs, those have a red X.
These i made back in 2015.
Anyways have a look!


I also found some doodles!
One is from what it was supposed to be the main antagonist.
He was supposed to be #101 but i’ve not made it that far. Still got the assets so maybe one day i will make it to 101!
He can levitate? yeah.. shhh

Oh and it seems i did name one.. the bat looking pet is “Ziel/Ciel”, imma guess it was because i used to listen to Larc en Ciel a lot.

Some other stuff that did not make the cut so far.

Anyway that’s it for today.

Special thanks to le patreons!

♥ Chikkie ♥
♥ Jill Vocado♥

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