How one person changed everything.

Dear diary, it seems i’ve been posting a lot recently… here’s why.

So i posted on of le megupets a couple of weeks ago and i decided to share the link on social media and some discord channels.
And too my surprise i got an email saying i got a patreon.
Really?…i  was shook O_O.
And that person was chikkie!
Honestly i was like YAY!
Let’s do this! So i decided to refresh my patreon page cuz it had some old art and i did not like how it looks so.
Enter le new patreon, now it has some cuties, the colors are better and idk. I love it.
So now i will be posting new content every week, thanks to chikkie. It gave me like a jump start. Even tho it might sound stupid to some ppl.
Last time i had a schedule was like…never lol. I think that is why even tho its been like idk 5 years? i only got like 50+ megupets.
It is time to get things going and keep the ball rolling.
Energize dem pets pewpewpew.

Anyways just wanna say thanks to chikkie for the support and now Jill Vocado? WHAT IS GOING ON BOIS! AYYY
Much love your way<3

Here is the outline of le schedule.
One release per week
three megupets and one human.
Patreons will get 4k res assets and extra variations.
Chikkie 4k res variation will be published on kawaiichikkie’s discord.
Source files available for patreons and on the shop (


That is all for now! :B
Here are some assets i made just for this post.

Special thanks to le patreons!

♥ Chikkie ♥
♥ Jill Vocado♥

Download assets