Dear diary, life’s good.


So it’s been about idk , 40 days since the thingie happened?
I had a couple of projects planed to be released on october but they are all being canned.
Maybe next year i will release some of it, or not idk.
I’be been avoiding doing anything “creative” as of lately.
Idk, i wanna reset my palette or whatever is called.

Canned goods
– Berserk project (music)
– Saikano (music)
– Super Pancho 12 episodes
– That game i was making with the owly thingie
– everything else


Last song of 2018

I made a song called “first month reimagined”, it was just a new version of a song i made like idk 11 years ago or so?
Second month was completed but never released because of what happened and because the “berserk” project was my main focus anyways.
This song is also a “remake” of an old one with the same name.
The original was made in 2006 and like most of my project it was not released anywhere other than DC++ and i’m sure nobody i know has ever used that *huehue*
DC++ is a p2p, so yummy back in 2006.

Anways here is the original and the new one.
The new version is a mess? idk, i like how it turned out.

New one

Anyways that’s it for now.
Life’s good, go hug a favorita!
– Me (huehue)

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