What you are about to read is 0% Fiction

Well, i’m alive!

Fainted at work?

It was october 9th, i went to bed early cuz you know.. gotta work in the morning.
October 10th

So after gettin around 9 hours of sleep i did the usual.
Walked to work (around 10-12 min walk), walked into the office and got myself some breakfast.
After eating some yummy cereal i clocked in and started working.
Just another day in the office eh?
All of the sudden i feel like i was gonna faint so i look to my right and see David.
I remember saying “Yo david” before blacking out. I had a weird dream where i could see another version of everything (if that makes sense), i could see the office and people doing things but something was off. Then i open my eyes and as i look around i realize i’m on the floor and my hands are covered in blood.
Lot’s of ppl helping me out and asking me questions to make sure i knew where i was, someone said “this is the first time i’ve seen you without a hat” and that made me laugh so bad hahahaha ayyy.

Then the ambulance came and took me away. A lady asked me a bunch of questions on my way to the ER you know, same ol’ stuff.
I got there and they did a couple of tests. Doctor came back after a while and said ” well good news is, you don’t have a tumor”.
Oh, well cool but… i’ve been here before.

It was September 10th 2016 when i had dem seizures.
September 10…October 10? NOVEMBER 10 2020 EXPECT SOMETHING TO HAPPEN TO ME LOL AHOFASHFOFASFO ayyyyyyyy *ded*.

So yeah, i have an appointment to see a doctor and then go to a specialist to see what’s up.
I’ve been doing nothing for the past 10+days, by nothing i mean not working.
I did stumbled upon an old project i was working on back in 2014 “Owly” and decided to pick it up and do something with it so at least it kept me busy.

Anyways, that’s it for now!
Later and don’t forget to hug a puppy!

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