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This entry was written 3 months ago and i forgot to publish it 🙂

Loving le new job

Oh. there is no much to say other than this place is awesome.
So there, fin.

Lookin’ for places near downtown

So we moved like a month ago? idk, anyways … so now it’s like a 45 min drive to work everyday.
It ain’t that bad but it’s just boring. Plus i dont wanna drive that far away during the winter season so. I’m looking to move near downtown (Blacksburg).
So far i’ve not had any luck and the places i’ve seen are like $600 and the room is so small i couldn’t even fart there.
:V We will see what happens.

Not a lot of insipration tbh

Idk why but i think i’m like done. With music and animations.
Maybe it’s all the changes irl that have somehow have an impact on everything art related.
There is a trailer for le new season of pancho but idk. I might can all of em episodes.

That’s it for now!
– creek ah moe ha duh

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