Oh look, I’m writing in less than four weeks! This is interesting, not really i just forgot to bring my laptop to work so I’m sitting here doing doodles. You might ask yourself ” how can someone forget something so important” well the answer is simple.

I have two backpacks, one is the msi and the other one is the insomnia cookies backpack.

So the way I have it set up is, I have an insomnia cookies hat in both of em just in case I pick the wrong one and I have a copy of la revista vea tú sabes, para leer cuando me aburra?

Pues the laptop will only fit in the msi backpack And it just so happens that i grabbed the wrong backpack today so I’m shucked here for ten hours with the only other thing I keep on this backpack, a PlayStation vita and a sketch book thingie. So I’ve been drawing and trying to “finish” the comic strip thingie that I started months ago. Here are a few pics.

Anyways that’s pretty much it.

Other than that I’ve been sleeping a lot!

Oh, look at this!