Yo! I feel like it’d been forever since I wrote over here. Well I’ve been busy with the whole moving thingie and also I’m focused on my job (s) cuz I love it and it’s fun.

What’s new, erm… I took a couple of tests and I did pretty good! The last one OMG, so much fun. I wanted to know how I did and I was loosing it via twitter but after a couple of hours I got the results and I was so happy I cried a little. It means a lot, to do well at something other than things you’re used to do everyday, get out of your comfort zone and just, have a blast!

Other than that well, there was a creep via Facebook but that story will be Facebook only so if you wanna have a look just send me a Friend request. Search for “Pollo Picu Shuaa”.

I made a new Twitter/Facebook header. Ohboiiii that was so fun, it’s hilarious.

I made a couple of variations but the only thing that changed was the text and oh boiii dis broccoli 🥦 is looking fresh!

Anyways I know this is a short entry but I’ll try to write at least once a week !