Diary of Shuaa #117 – Ozmo

Yo, it’s been a while.

Ive been inactive almost everywhere (social media) because of my work schedule and because I’m moving out.

Training at ozmo is awesome, I’ll try to recap my first day.

– Monday, 6:00 am

The alarm rings ” boop booop”, yeah that’s the sound my alarm makes, don’t judge me.

So I wake up, get ready and then I realize that it’s way too early, training is at 9:00 am.

Instead of going back to bed I decided to head out anyways, I get in the car and head downtown. Traffic is slow, it’s still dark and I’m hungry.

I stopped at Waffle House and got myself an all star breakfast thingie. Sat there from 6:30 – 7:50 am. I got up and left, didn’t pay for the food cuz you know, it was garbage (jk).

I parked outside the building and headed thowards it. I sat in the “lobby” area or whatever it’s called.

Then a dude approached me and asked me if I was there for the training , I said “yeah”.

We chatted a little bit and I don’t know how but I ended up asking him “where you from “, he replied “my family is from La Republica Dominicana ” and I was Shoook!

Im Like ” oh so you speak Spanish?

He was like “yeah”

I was like “YAY”.

His name is Louis.

As I was talking to Louis I see a familiar face, it was Ridge! OMG! I couldn’t believe it, what are the odds! I asked him if he was there for the training and he said yes!

I used to work with Ridge at Best Buy like seven months ago or something like that. It was great seeing him again!

So after that it was about 8:50am and other people started to showed up. To our surprise it was ten of us! Woo!!!

We chatted a little bit and then Emily opened the doors and whammy!

It was tour time!

She took us on a glorious tour that was so confusing because of the layout of the building.

Like, it’s been five days and I still don’t know

the layout but at least I haven’t got lost yet.

Then we had a meet and greet kind of thingie, the whole group had to say something about themselves and two truths and a lie.

I know two people from the group know where I’m from so I decided to do two lies and a true.

I said I was from Cuba lol.

Then Ridge looked at me like ” no you’re not ” and then Emily said “wait a minute , no you’re not” lolol!

Then we got to do some training action over there, I wouldn’t bore you with the details plus I’m not sure I can talk about it anyways so I won’t.

Look at the clock! It’s 3:00 pm, time to head out!

I went home and slept for like 9 hours, i didn’t plan to do that but as some of you know I work at insomnia from 5:00pm – 3:30am so my sleep cycle has been disrupted because now I have to wake up early for the training at Ozmo.

Today is Saturday and I’m at insomnia rn, it’s the only time I get to chill and write on my diary, even my instagram has slowed down. I will try my best to be more active but knowing myself I won’t. At least until I’m done with the training.

I had a lot of good times at Ozmo already but I won’t write about it today either.

I’ll save that for next time (maybe).

All I gotta say is that I love it!

It’s something new and challenging.

Well that’s all for now, idk when I’ll be able to write again because I’m moving in about 6 days or so.


– Shuaa

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