These albums are a collection of songs that I made back in 2006. Each album represents a different stage in my life.

Darkness reminds me of the father of an ex, because she was playing the album at home and her dad liked it. I was shook, most of the songs are kinda depressing and mellow but I guess he likes that kind of music.

Inside out marks the return of another person into my life, from ex to gf and oh boi. What a ride that was, I found a collection of videos from a roadtrip we did and I might upload that into my YouTube channel, or not.

Nightshade is a continuation of what was going on with that person. All albums follow the “style” of “The motion of senses”.

Anyways that’s it, if you wanna download the albums just go the store and add it to your cart. It’s all free, just type in the information such as name and email (it can be fake idc) and then you’ll be able to download the albums.