My desktop has been dead since last year so all my drawings and projects are sitting there in limbo.
I will be taking it to a “pc repair” store soon and hopefully i can get all my goodies back!
Other than that  everything is going good, karaoke nights on discord and playing starbound.
There will be a freebie for february on discord, this time it’s going to be a pin and a sticker : )

Oh and i got a new rule! Never listen to old songs, so now i’m looking for random music to listen to.
Here is a song i found and it’s pretty good. Helped me a lot tbh.

Super Pancho

Other than that i’ve been working on Super Pancho, now called Pancho Arrebatao.
There are 3 episodes available right now and there will be a new episode every Monday (for a couple of months).
I’m doing everything except “Coordinating” and “Directing”. That is done by Soycide and JLO.
You can check the work in progress on our discord and even thrown in your ideas for episodes.
Here is the link!

Consider throwing in a sub and some likes to the channel <3

That’s it for now! Thanks for reading 😀
Kbye <3