Another merch update?

Dear diary, i’ve been busy with work but hey, at least i have not fallen behind when it comes to releasing megupets weekly! So shush!

Anyways, here is a look at le workspace where i make le packagin’ thingie for le pins.
Thanks to Chikkie for recommending me the cutting thingie (Fiskars 9 Inch SureCut Paper Trimmer).
I’m still trying to figure things out so please be patient.
I already have the first batch of pins but i’m waiting on the second one (new designs) so there is more variations on the store.
But then again i might just release the first batch for sale this week, ugh! Decisions!

Here is where all the magic happens!

I have to get a longer hole punch thingie since the one i got does not reach far enough for some inserts.
Also i had no idea how much paper shred thingies are flying when i’m cutting the inserts for the pins.
Thinking about getting a bigger table thingie to work on. I have a bigger one but i use that one for drawing and play some games (rarely).
I just don’t wanna mix drawing with crafting. It would be better for me to have them far appart from one another. That way i would not get distracted at all when i’m doing le craft thingies.

Here is what the single pins with come with.
-Character insert
-Character Pin/badge
-Megupets and shuaa insert on the back

Also on the store there will be some Postcards with a blind button!
These will have, well… a postcard and a blind button lol.
Here is how it looks!

Register and become a member of the community here at Megupets!

Registration for the site is up, this means that you guys can use the comment section and leave any feedback or questions or anything!
There is an option to have a forum on the site but as of right now i’m just gonna take baby steps.
See how the comment section works and see how much interest you guys have on the idea of having a platform for you guys to share your opinions, thoughts and/or anything at all! I’ve made some changes to the site but if you find something that looks off or it does not seem to work please send me a message! Also remember that after all these years i’m still doing everything myself so any suggestions will be much appreciated!

Also there will be some coupon codes as well for registered users.
So if you are already a member of the discord server and you register here, this means you get two codes to use on the store.
That way you get more savings on your purchase!

That is all i have for today and hopefuly i get to write more often. I miss writing on le diary.

Remember that……life is good! So go hug a puppy or something!
– Megu

Special thanks to le patreons!

♥ Chikkie ♥
♥ Jill Vocado♥
♥ Chris Sakkas♥