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March 29, 2020

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Leap Motion Control

It’s finally here! The Leap Motion control! Now i can experiment a bit with it. The idea was to use it for VR stuff but i think i could use it to create extra macro keys and improve my workflow. I will probably start messing with it next weekend because this week i’m focused on publishing more of the old posts to the website. As of today all the entries on my diary from 2013 are now available. 

Streaming on Twitch

Yesterday i went live on twitch after figuring out how to setup a software that allows me to use an avatar.
Thanks to Digy  for letting me know this was a thing. I will try to stream at least once a week either making art or working on the website.
Anyways, that’s it for now! 


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IDK I've been working on a new world for vrchat : ) "Caso Cerrado". The map will feature some new meme


Time out

Time Out! Dear diary, i put some sugar on my fries and it tasted so bad T_T. So, something weird happened