From Shuaa to Pollo?

So its been a long time since i wrote anything over nyaa.
Whats new, ermmmmm.
now has 3 admins.
we have teamed up to bring the world a lot of nalgas.
Soon there will be a commission area so you can hire any of us .
we all have different styles and skills so yeah.
cookie = Weeb
diraiko = Weeb
me = idk

So i’m back to “pollo” cuz diraiko and cookie are bullies. They told me if i wanted to see Sr nalgas alive i needed to go back to pollo ūüôĀ So yeah, anyways DOS will stay DOS cuz DOP sounds stupid, diary of pollo ASHFOAHFASOHFAOHOWFA.

All jokes aside, we are working HARD to set up the website and upload our portfolios , look fwrd to it or …well. No nalgas para ti.

Thats all for now, go eat a biscuit.

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IDK I've been working on a new world for vrchat : ) "Caso Cerrado". The map will feature some new meme