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January 21, 2015

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Mini paleta de payaso!?

So i purchased a creepy looking lollipop for 60 cents plus tax , got home and decided to taste it. Since the package has a creepy looking clown i’m assuming once i open the lollipop i will see a goofy looking clown.


What is this?

I felt scammed! I was expecting a cutie clown 🙁


I went to the bathroom and splashed water into my eyes. Are my eyes deceiving me? I continue to chew a little bit more and to be honest it tastes like garbage, cheap marshmallow chocolate…ugh.

There is no clown 🙁

– Shuaa

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Day 3

This is a short one, site seems to be working as of right now. I'm working from home because of the virus, this means not going