How old is new?

Dear diary, i have cheated on you, i know you think most of my entries are fresh and new but you are mistaken. I usually write things that had happened before, weeks and even months ago.Why do i do this? idk diary, i might change the way i write from now on.I will include whats going on right now so yeah.

Lets start with the fact that i got a new phone, finally. I have been using a nokia for the past 8+months , why? Well.. i don’t like mobile phones and i rarely use it to talk. So a friend told me he will give me a mobile phone for free so why not. The only people who call are  either familly or co-workers so i really had no interest on having a “new” phone. So i got the nokia lumia 710.

my first windows phone and i have to say, so far it worked like a charm, no slowdowns, no glitches ..perfect. i used it mostly to read my emails ,whatsapp and tweet stuff. Picture quality was ok, no front face cam but i did not mind since i don’t use it, my stache might break it. So i got a Galaxy Grand 2 and a Note 3. I will use the grand 2 for everyday use, twtr, fb,skype and mail. Note 3 will be for writing and app dev/testing.

What else, oh i’m listening to the latest album “supermodel” , foster the people.
Someone shipped me this plushie… poop comoe.

Happy poop thingie , i think she loves poop to much. Is not the first time she has sent me poop but yeah. I have been watching a lot of netflix, saw all seasons of louie , aqua teen hunger force and maron. I started watching house cuz house, Parasyte ( anime ) has been perfect like UGH! * Spurt spurt!

recorded a few episodes of the podcast but i haven’t been able to edit and upload any of it. Maybe next week, topics are “Joel comes clean about the $10 thingie” and “Nina”. Both are funny so yeah. Also draw a few megupets, one is a “cat” and the other is a …idk. names are Mish and Kara-col Full sprites are coming soon.

Thats all!

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Adios 2021!

Adios 2021! 2021 was ok. Hoping 2022 is better. New design is almost done, you can see it over here.  I will prob add