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January 6, 2014

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Working on a MeguPets Game

Currently working on a pc game called “megupets”.  Based on megu and other things.
More details will be available later.


3 characters to choose from.
Anna , Limea and “Purple hoodie shuaa”.

Each character has his own story line.
The story will have multiple choices so the choices you make will change the outcome of the story.

There will be around 25 scenes per character , 3 endings per character and even boss battles.
The game will be released on pc and mac and it will be FREE.

It’s on alpha state so there still a lot of work to be done.

– Shuaa.

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IDK I've been working on a new world for vrchat : ) "Caso Cerrado". The map will feature some new meme


Time out

Time Out! Dear diary, i put some sugar on my fries and it tasted so bad T_T. So, something weird happened