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August 20, 2013

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i’m happy to say that is up an running!
Here anyone can add or edit articles !
No need to register.

It will include all the pets info and more.

Also megupets still on hiatus.
The animation series will stay that way for a few months.

Its still me doing everything myself
So it might take a while unless i find other ppl to help/collab with everything else.

Like always, i don’t mind doing all of this alone :3
So its all good, u guys just have to wait a little.

Like always, have an awesome day.


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IDK I've been working on a new world for vrchat : ) "Caso Cerrado". The map will feature some new meme


Time out

Time Out! Dear diary, i put some sugar on my fries and it tasted so bad T_T. So, something weird happened