Diary of Shuaa #73 – Let’s go to the Zoo!

What you are about to read is 69% Fiction

Dear diary, i was swiming in a lake and i felt something pull me down. To my surprise it was el chalupacabras.
We had a little talk and then he sent me a friend request via myspace.
Everything is good now.

Anyways, we went to Zootastic like a few months ago (before the “let’s go to the fair” video thingie), i finally had some time to edit the video and publish it. It’s not like i was busy or anything i was just, you know…
Being lazy like always.
So yeah!
Other than that well… mmmm… i am trying to go back to the ¬†“Diary of shuaa” animated “series” and make more since the seizures are like “small” or “minor” idk the word, sorry America… It’s been a year and i still don’t know the difference between “in” and “on” ok? Take it easy, please don’t send me back to mexico ūüôĀ


OH!? Watch the video :V

It’s been 10 or 11 Years since i made the first “Super pancho” so i’m going to release “season 1” for download (Source files) and probably a compilation video on youtube. Probably gonna make those public domain as well since tbh most of it is just garbage. Resoltion is gonna be boxed cuz im not gonna edit the original files to make em “HD”, if you wanna do that you guys can do it by downloading the files and adjusting the resolution and then export the files.

There are gonna be 3 albums (old ones) releasing soon on the “Store” page, i will probably include them on the next “Diary of shuaa” Blog entry over here.
Work has been, had an incident with a co-worker who made some outlandish comments but that has been “dealt with”. Asheville has been fun so far, i pretend i live here cuz why not. This is the internet, you gonna believe everything you read?

Next two entries to my diary are already in “draft” mode.
This will help me spread out more content here even tho most of the content im writing is like, not recent.
I like it like that.
Lazy as always.



– Shuaa

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