Diary of Shuaa #72 – More albums available in the store and Mergin with H-tachi

What you are about to read is 69% Fiction

Dear diary, i was holding a baby but got bored so i trew it like a frisbee. It’s ok cuz a dog catched him so that baby should be fine, it will probably grow up to be a gentleman.

Anyways, i added 3 more albums in the store section.
Those album are garbage but like i said, i’m going to upload every song/album i’ve ever made so.
You can click on le pic and download the albums straight from the “store”.
Oh and i’ve also included some mp3s that you can listen before you download the album.

Other than that …well.
Idk if you noticed but now the website has a counter like any of the booru boards does.
This was thanks to hentachi.

Talking about hentachi, we are “mergin” so expect some weird content (or not).
Any content published by hentachi will have a age verification screen because of the nature of the content.
So do not click on it if you are under 18.
Check out Hentachis tracks over here.


– Shuaa

When there’s no more to give
The window will shine in the light
On what’s left for me

– Travis Meeks (Days of the new – What’s left for me)

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