Diary of Shuaa #71 – It’s been a year?!

What you are about to read is 69% Fiction

Dear diary, i ate a cookie today and it was so good!

Anyways, it’s been a year and one month since i left PR and moved to the States.
A few things have changed, like… i have a bunch of plushies (JA).

I have met a lot of people here and there, let go of some toxic people in my life and of course i am married now (not really). I can say that the only thing i don’t like here is the weather, one day its hot and the other is cold it’s like, make up your mind ok?
People here are nice but not in a good way, i’ll explain.
I was gonna but i changed my mind.
Yeah, got distracted by a song.

Speaking of music, im uploading all my catalog of music, everything i’ve made since 2004 is gonna be available for download so you guys might wanna check out the SHOP once it goes live, the hell is live right now but i’m still uploading stuff so make sure you check every week for new content, most of the albums are gonna be free because i don’t feel like people should pay for something i did 13 years ago, plus the quality of some of my early songs are pure garbage. There might be an album or two listed for like a dollar or something but im still debating if i will put em up for sale or not but if i do, all the money will go straigth to the development of nothing really, it goes into my pocket for stuff i will probably need or not. I’m not gonna be like “hey yeah, the money will be used for the website or more content.” Fuck that, if i want i cookie i will buy a cookie. You can now download the albums (the ones available) by just clicking “Download now”.
The files are on “.rar” format so you will need either an android device with an app to unrar the archives or a computer.
The reason i’m uploading everything on a “rar” format is because its easier to have everything in one package instead of uploading every single song, that will take forever.

Oh and since most of the albums do not have a proper “Album cover”  i made new ones. Other albums had some art but it just looked so, bleh.
Here is an example of one of the old album (left) art vs the new one (right).

Other than that i’ve started working on Aline (episode 3) but knowing myself i will not finish it for like 2 more months.
The reason being that i’m playing Berserk and the band of the Hawk. I’m already at level 99 (max) and i have not even finished the story mode.
Plus the endless feature keeps me hooked, idk. This games is a good to release some stress.

Recently i got in touch with le Liquid Nebula.
She is been missing for a while due to personal reasons but yday she contacted me via instagram (msg). I was just glad to  hear from her tbh.
Not only cuz she owes me some cookies but because of personal reasons that i will not go into details right now (or ever). Respect le privacy.

What else is going on, OH!
Le wedding is in September, looking foward to that.

And that is it for now Diary, i will write on your butt later!

– Shuaa

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