Diary of Shuaa #70 – Let’s go to the fair!

What you are about to read is 69% Fiction

Dear diary, it’s been a long time.

So i was walking down the street and all of the sudden a car just goes “beep beep”
like that looney toons character.To my surprise it was Ash and Tasha, they asked me where i was going
and i replied “to the movies, im gonna watch transformers”, next thing i know i hear steps behind me and boom.
I passed out, i woke up on the back of the car, bleeding from the back of my head.
I can see a bloody baseball bath next to me and then when they realized im awake Tasha said.
“Me estoy cagando” which translates to “We are going to the fair and im gonna take  a poop on the Ferris Wheel”.
So we went to the fair.

Here is the video.

Oh and btw there was a Tiger show but when it started they said ” no video ” so i did not record anything, however… i took a bunch of pictures of the sad looking tigers.

Anyways, it was a lot of fun.
So that’s it Diary, i will write on ya’ later.

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