Diary of Shuaa #76 – From lowkey to nokey

What you are about to read is 69% Fiction

Oh? hello diary!
Did you know that ducks are  aliens?
Oh ok nvm then.


So 2018 is almost here and you all know what that means, C O C A I N E  P A R T Y !
Also, no more lowkeys! From now there will be nokey action over theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere!

Oh, i put in my two weeks at le job so i will be homeless soon *wink wink*.
I will not go into details on why or what happened etc, i will leave that for another entry.
There is a xmas gift xchange going on discord :V everyone got a random person.
I was expecting to get like either Emily or taka but instead i got nina :JA: so its gonna be  an easy gift.
I ordered some thingies and i will post em as soon as she gets the gifty thingie cuz i dont wanna spoil it.

More Albums available

So i decided to upload my whole catalog of music,  at the least “Albums”. I started i think in june and i’m almost half way done!
“The motion of senses” and “mature” are availabe.
I will recomend getting everything that comes after “The motion of senses” because that was the album that made me “click” and create more “alternative” music instead of just doing experimental etc.

All albums are free so just add to cart, and hit that checkout button.

Just for kicks?

Just for kicks is still a thing, i might push less episodes cuz its the holidays and imma be a bit busy.
Upcoming kicks?
– Power Rangers
– Osvaldo Rios
– La comay
– Ana Cacho
– Britney Spears

That is all for now, Later!
– Shuaa

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